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Welcome to Gurbani Charitable Foundation, a Non-profit organization. Our Mission is to:

  • To promote principles of Sikhism for harmony and understanding among masses to create peace on earth using  radio, TV and electronic media
  • To provide aid to needy people, food , shelter and clothing
  • To assist educational institutions to provide excellent instructions and financial aid
  • To build hospitals and offer free health camps
  • To distribute free educational  literature and CD’s

Please check our Latest News & Events page regularly for updates.

Tune in to our Show! New book – The Joy of Health & Fitness Recent Achievements
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New book – The Joy of Health & Fitness Dr. Harbans S. Sraon has recently published a new book entitled “The Joy of Health & Fitness”. THE BOOK IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE! Please purchase this book at: http://www.atlasbooks.com/ebooks/30077.htm This book ‘The Joy of Health and Fitness’ covers wellness attributes such as strength, agility, flexibility, vitality and cardiovascular health to enjoy life to the [...]
Recent Achievements Promoted Sankra Eye Foundation Hospital in Punjab, by raising millions of dollars. A $4,000,0000  hospital will provide free treatment to curable blindness . Offered Langar (free vegetarian meals) to thousand of needy people at Glides memorial at San Francisco, CA and The Salvation Army at San Jose, California Offered free citizen education classes to potential [...]